A Prickly Interlude (or Treating Your Players Like Mushrooms)

23rd to 27th Marpenoth

An uneventful journey brought the adventurers back to the Hog and Thistle on South Rd. Here they met up with Gavin again, who was quite happy to see them and even more happy to impart some friendly information. Including that Braston was here and would love to see them. And love to see them he did. 

The party had found an almost complete map in the Temple of the Crashing Wave, which marked the location of the Temple of Tyr in relation to the Dwarven fortress and the local landscape. Braston was so eager for the party to find it and clear it for him he offered a small fortune as payment up front, with more to come after completion. Some assurances about the remains of the Elemental Cults were made, and the party agreed to find the Temple. Braston gave them a scroll that when cast would consecrate the temple long enough for Braston to return with a team of priests to perform the appropriate rituals.

Newly wealthy and in no particular rush, the adventures then proceeded to take a three day bender. Somehow remembering on the third day to rise and go do what they had been paid to do. The Temple of Tyr was located a few days march south, in an area now known as the Flooded Forest. When the map was made the Temple was somewhere between the Rivers Lis and Dalfon, an area that is now a vast swamp known as the Flooded Forest.

Finally away they trekked south along South Rd, a journey that took them past the easternmost reaches of the Cormanthor forest. By noon on the second day they found a small path leading west, and proceeded to change direction. Along the path they found the many and varied ecosystems that compose a living swamp, including a lovely patch of fungi that they all enjoyed very much. The shrieks that awoke them from a pleasant rest revealed a screaming tenticular party, which the party-pooping murder hobos quickly shut down.



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