Cleaning House

21st Day of Marpenoth

With Marlos defeated the Temple of the Black Earth fell almost silent. Marlos had already given the order to retreat, resulting in the cult members all fleeing the Temple and leaving only automatons and monsters behind.

The adventurers moved north, finding an entrance chamber guarded by another ancient Dwarven Golem. They defeated the Golem and briefly pondered exploring the long tunnel leading West but thought better of it. Joined again by Argos and Corbilette they looted Marlos' library and re-examined the portal circle. Finding nothing immediately Argos decided to study what he could as they continued on.

Further south they found the old forge, recently abandoned but still holding some left over treasures. Nearby they found one of the last cultists to leave, the torturer Heldorm. With a swift blade to the back he was dispatched by a disguised Saldrina and the chamber looted. Meanwhile, Corbilette opened another door and discovered the southern guardpost, occupied by five ogres. Thinking quick she ordered them to follow Marlos' instruction and evacuate, which having no reason to doubt, they did so.

A quick detour to dispatch a squatting Ettin and finally to finish off the two remaining Bullettes and the Temple of the Black Earth was finally empty. Another quick rest and the party debated whether to return to the surface or explore a tunnel heading to the south. Using his expert Dwarven senses Sagluen convinced the party to continue exploring.


balsarath balsarath

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