Crashing Into Adventure

22nd Day of Marpenoth

Fresh from vanquishing the Cult of the Black Earth the adventurers continued through the ancient Dwarven ruins seeking further riches and people…to kill…

Entering a collapsed chamber the party were cautious of the leering gargoyle above a pristine pool, remembering the last time they encountered a Gargoyle. After investigation it appeared to be a normal statue, with the true threat only emerging after they moved on. Having avoided the tripwire alarm on approach the guards were not alerted to there presence, allowing the party to almost surprise the guards in the first guard room. Beginning the attack distracted them from the Nothics sneaking up from behind, and they found themselves under attack from two fronts.

Defeating the first guards they discover this part of the complex contains a large canal, the source of the cold, wet air that permeates the area. Further in they find another guard room, but this time they are waiting in ambush as the door was opened. Although putting up a fierce fight the Cultists of the Crushing Wave were no match for the brave murder-hobos.

After discovering a large underground lake which gave them an idea of the size of the complex, the adventurers push on over the canal and into a new area. Off a chamber with the remains of a beautiful merfolk statue the party was surprised by two ogres and their mistress, a Sea Hag. Even her hideous visage was not enough to stop the adventurers defeating her and moving on.

To the north lay a large market place, an area that the cult was using as storage for food and supplies. As the adventurers entered the cultists were busily packing what they could ready for transport, it appeared that they were preparing to abandon the complex. While most of the party prepared to engage in the marketplace Corbi had investigated south, finding a door she could not help but open. Unfortunately the door hid two rather irate trolls who ensured Corbi was unable to return to the group.

Copious amounts of fire and acid made short work of the cultists and trolls. Argos was finally able to use fireball as intended, almost destroying the cultists with a single blast. With all enemies defeated the party decided to rest in the Troll Hole, which seemed like a good idea at the time…


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