Darkness. Imprisoning me. All that I see. Absolute Horror.


Bruce took in his surroundings. At first glance they were still in the Pyramid, but instead of  desecrated walls he can see them covered in writings. Carefully he woke Saggy and Sandrina, but was unable to wake the Elf and Halfling. Deeming them safe the trio decided to explore the pyramid again, but in reverse. The Antechamber to the temple was similarly now covered in writings, which on a cursory exam seemed to depict a history of the life of Tyr, his Avatars and his followers for the previous several thousand years.

The most disturbing aspect was the darkness. Darkvision was not as effective as it should have been, even 'Light' was dimmer than normal – if it worked at all. So hindered the trio descended into the main chamber not knowing what to find. Inspecting the side chambers they found all the puzzles reset, and the main door open with the six stones in place. As despair began to set in it was an attack by a wraith that returned them to reality. 

In the astronomical room they found an intact version of the planetarium and mirror, but instead of a full night sky above them there was only a single constellation of seven stars. Outside in the chill night they could see the real sky reflected the artificial one. The pitch black of the world was only broken by the seven lonely stars in the sky.

Leaving the temple the adventurers were surprised to find they were above ground, and a second temple was waiting in front of them. This second building was obviously a temple to Tyr, containing nothing but a giant statue of the god in a victorious pose. Behind the temple they found a second pyramid, its stone walls no match for the Claws of the Umberhulk. Inside was precious little, only what appeared to be an inactive portal. From the top of the pyramid they could see an endless forest, the swamp seemed to be gone, and mountains far to the south. Only what looked like two rivers, defined by breaks in the trees, were the only landmarks they could see.

Unable to solve the mystery at the temple complex they began to travel through the surrounding forest along the only path they could find. Almost as quickly they turned back, disturbed by the apparent movement of the trees. Building courage they entered the forest again. Finally it seemed as if the sun was rising, but there was only a dim twilight to light the way. Feeling lost Sandrina volunteered to climb a tree to attempt to get some bearings. All around they could only see forest, the pyramids were gone and mountains lay to the east. It was as if the terrain had changed around them. This time however they saw some light ahead of them, and they set off to find what it was.

Soon enough they found what the lights were, unknown humanoids riding NIghtmares charged into them without warning. The fight was desperate, but before the adventurers were victorious one of the assailants vanished completely, and the other teleported away before running into the forest. Hours later they came upon a river, with the remains of what could only be their attackers camp under a tree. Here they found strange coins, and a note instructing the unknown raiders to investigate, and eliminate, the disturbance at the 'complex'.

After crossing the river they climbed another tree to see where they were. Sandrina spied the edge of the forest to the east a good half a day hike away with the mountains still looming beyond. Descending the tree she found that here companions were not there, they were under another tree some 30 feet away. Suitably disturbed they almost ran to the edge of the forest, but still paused frequently to mark their passage in the ground. The edge should have been half a day away, but they reached it in under an hour.

Beyond the forest was a great rocky desert, broken only by a dusty road leading further east towards the mountains. The trio continued on, only pausing to mark the dusty path with a cross as they had done in the forest. This time however it was futile, as the path seemed to fill in the cross as soon as they could make one. Again suitably paranoid, they chose to continue walking to the side of the path.

Finally they arrived at a crossroads with five paths converging. At the center of the convergence was a crucified corpse, seemingly ancient and mummified beyond identification and completely immune to all damage. Confused and unsure which way to go Sandrina asked out loud where they needed to go. The corpse responded by uncurling a boney finger and pointing to the north. Further questions provided a similar service, with the corpse indicating a direction for each location queried. 

The day dragged on, but the sun still had not risen.


balsarath balsarath

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