20th Day of Marpenoth

Pondering his many statues Marlos was beginning to grow worried. The interlopers had penetrated the Monastery above and had actually entered the Temple.

"My Lord," began Yarsha, "Miraj has failed in his defence of the Temple, he needs to be replaced before they…
"Enough! I alone shall decide the fate of this Temple. I alone shall decree who is responsible for its defence." Marlos was in no mood to have his leadership or judgement questioned.

Yarsha scurried off, collecting the few Cultists still loyal to her and making her may to the Portal. Perhaps the Temple would be lost, but the Black Geode would never fall. She had to bring forward her plans, ad would have to again if Marlos was not able to prevent the Temple falling.

Marlos sent word to the Genasi, Miraj, to prepare for the adventurers return. He wanted contingents placed in the barracks and the old gatewardens quarters, Miraj could personally watch the south and he would finish the adventurers if they made it to his personal chambers. Clutching his pickaxe Marlos made ready for the invaders to come again.


balsarath balsarath

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