Please Tyr, Wake Me.

What Argos Saw

When Argos and Rynn awakening they find themselves alone, so they decide to investigate the temple complex. This investigation will bring them up to next session…

The Altar Room
Not an altar, actually a sarcophagus. This is the tomb of Sarus, a mortal knight of Tyr that fought in the Procession Of Justice almost 1600 years ago to free the remains of Jhaamdath from demonic rule. The texts on the walls tell his story in 6 broad sections:

  1. Sarus’ early life, a native if Jhaamdath trying to survive in the wild ruins of the empire.
  2. His finding religion and joining the priesthood of Tyr, in an attempt to escape the tough life in the wilds.
  3. Revival of the Knights of Holy Judgement, a militaristic order that followed the dogma of Tyr.
  4. Sarus joining the Holy Judgement, and his subsequent rapid rise through the ranks.
  5. The largest section, detailing Sarus fighting in the Procession Of Justice. It follows the campaign from the initial landings at the mouth of the Vilhorn Reach through to the final destruction of Naarkolyth. The great city had survived the Elvish flood but the fury of Tyr caused it to succumb.
  6. The death of Sarus. He was laid to rest here, in a converted temple of Tyr, which was turned to a tomb in honour of one of Tyr’s greatest mortal warriors.

The Ante Chamber

The walls in here are covered in the detailed history of Tyr, or as much as his mortal followers would know. There is certainly much more here than is currently known by scholars of Faerun, especially around his early days as head of the Jhaamdathian pantheon. The section nearest the tomb door is the most interesting, it appears to be a prophecy:

“Arrtyr lost his greatest warriors in The Year of the Striking Lance. In his glory he reclaimed their souls and gave birth to a new generation of his greatest warriors. Long centuries will they proclaim his domain. Their campaigns will be long and victorious. The Year of Deaths Unmourned will see the fall of Arrtyr. Slain by the hand of treachery. Another shall take his mantle. His warriors will scatter and fall to ruin.

The Year of Awakened Sleepers will see Tyr retake his mantle. Justice and War will return to his blind judgement. The Year of Star Walkers Return shall see Arrtyr’s warriors return behind him. They shall bring his fury and righteousness back to the world. But one shall bring more. He shall bring a blind rage to avenge the slaying of his master. He shall bring an end to all evil.”

The Astronomical Room

The unknown constellation is called “Grunsiadtrios”. This roughly translates to ‘Triad Triumphant’. As to why it is the only constellation visible in the night sky there is no clue.

The Second Pyramid

The only chamber in this pyramid contains what is obviously a portal carved into the wall. Around the portal the following is carved in ancient, but readable, Thorassian.

"Open unto me the way across angled time and curved space let the passage be free unto the crawling chaos. Speak the words of power to find your passage."



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