Raiders of the Lost Pyramid

1st Day of Uktar

Following the gentle slope down into the campsite Sandrina and Rynn moved ahead silently to conduct a standard recon. As is true of any standard recon Sandrina failed to check a tree for traps and proceeded to alert the camps inhabitants. Throwing caution to the wind the party charged in, finding several Lizardfolk guarding the camp and an adjacent excavation. The fight was short and full of fire, and ended with the Lizardfolk all deceased.

The camp was an interesting mix of standard tents and bedrolls, seemingly occupied by humans, and more traditional Lizardfolk lean-toos. It was almost as if the Lizardfolk were working together with whichever humans were in the camp. Exploring further revealed what had been excavated, the capstone of an ancient pyramid buried in the swamp. The strangest find however was that the ground around the pyramid was dry, no water from the swamp seemed able to leach into the diggings.

Further west they found another excavation, this one descending over one hundred feet underground to an ancient entrance. The entrance had been reinforced and seemed to have been well used over the last few weeks, but had all its traps reset to delay anyone coming behind. Through the entrance chamber the adventurers encountered the source of the Lizardfolk attacks, a corrupted Lizard King. The fight was over so quickly that Saggy didn'y even get onto range.

The King was carrying the journal and also the combined works of the archaeologists, whom he had slain in frustration over the last few days. Armed with this information they were able to begin deciphering the puzzle of the Pyramid. The six side chambers each had a smaller puzzle that required solving to reveal the stones needed to open the main door. Through some trial and error, some genius and some blind luck they found all six stones. With the correct order deciphered from the translations of the door text the main door slid silently into the floor

Quickly dispatching a few stray Hellhounds, thankfully before Bruce could attempt to tame one, the party moved up to the next level of the Pyramid. Here they found the guardians of the temple, a Bone Devil and its minions. The fight was long and tough but the adventurers finally prevailed, finding themselves in front of the altar of the Pyramid. Recovering quickly Saggy pulled out the consecration scroll provided by Brastan and read it aloud. 

Their world turned black…


Brastan will die

Raiders of the Lost Pyramid
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