The Masters of Mulmaster

15th Day of Marpenoth


Silently the Colarine slipped into Mulmaster harbour, the lighthouse dimming as the first rays of sunlight broke the horizon. After almost a month the six adventurers neared their destination, finally to be free of the confines of the refugee ship. For months the poorer residents on the northern coast of the Moonsea had been fleeing south from some unknown threat. At first Hillsfar had taken them in, and then even Elmwood, but finally all had closed their gates except the City of Danger.

Disembarking should have been uneventful, as a mousey looking human offered the adventurers potential employ by heading to the Ox Pit Tavern. Here is where it became eventful. Bruce quickly realised that Mulmaster was a very human-centric city, seeing almost no other races at the harbour, and even receiving several judging glares. Recognising the need for subtlety Sendrina approached two City Guard on the docks to ask for directions. 

Galan, and his long term partner Batti, had been observing the latest ship load of refugees disembark. This was a duty they had undertaken almost daily since the ships began arriving, and so far had been routine and frankly, a little dull. Galan was approached by a human woman, obviously an adventurer of some type, and asked for directions to the Ox Pit Tavern. Expecting to make a quick gold or two he offered the information for a single gold piece. He barely noticed when a halfling…a halfling!…stepped forward and threatened him by grabbing his crotch. Before Galan could think of another witty comeback a bolt of lightning coursed through his body, and another through Batti. 

Dandrus launched his sleep spell at Argus, desperately trying to defuse the situation. He succeeded in placing the guards, Argus, and Bruce to sleep, allowing the others to carry them to safety as the horns and bootsteps of the Guard grew nearer. Away from the docks Sendrina asked a spice merchant for directions, she happily provided them and said to ask for Travis and his famous ox tail soup.

Morning at the Ox Pit was quiet, but Travis and his waiter Meles provided excellent service and an even better meal. After eating the adventurers were introduced to Brastan, obviously a knight of some type, and he offered them a test. Simply deliver a package to a friend of his across town and then return. Surely nothing could be simpler.

The adventurers discovered first-hand the level of anti-human sentiment in the city. As they crossed a small square a group of locals singled out Bruce, accusing his type of being responsible for war and death. Although Sendrina and Sagluen tried to defuse the situation it was to no avail, the peasants drew their daggers and advanced. It would surely have been a slaughter if not for the intervention of demonic forces. Manes and a Dretch burst forth attacking the adventurers, which even though Sagluen insisted o playing fetch with the Dretch, were defeated reasonably easily.

Argus was able to detect a familiar background magic in the area, seemingly the cause of the demonic invasion, coming from the same house they were delivering the package to. Entering revealed the destroyed remains of an alchemist's lab, with each of the four elements powering a summoning circle. Before they could act another Dretch burst forth, taking Sendrina down before the others finished it off. With some fast thinking they were able to extinguish each element, cutting off the summoning circles power source.

Thinking they had done a great service, the adventurers were surprised to see a collection of City Guard and the Cloaks assembled in the street. They stood accused of illegal use of Arcane Magics, and were instructed to surrender and come peacefully. A few minutes of indecision was ended as a Cloak cast Sleep on the building, leaving all but Dandrus snoozing peacefully on the ground. Although he did consider doing something foolish Dandrus surrendered without further incident, allowing the entire group to be shackled and taken to the Tower of Arcane Might.

Introductions to Canaide, the High Mage of Mulmaster, went as well as good be expected. He threatened execution as punishment for use of magic and especially use of magic against the city guard. But luckily he allowed the party to be placed into the care of Brastan. Brastan was satisfied with their performance delivering the package, confirming it was a test and now he had another task for them. In addition Canaide would expect some service or other from the party, as recompense for their arcane transgressions.

Rather than depart immediately the party chose to spend some time recuperating at the Ox Pit, choosing to depart the following day at dawn.


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