The Temple of the Black Earth

21st Day of Marpenoth

Argos and Corbilette chose to stay behind to investigate the Mud Priests works, reducing the party to three. They were joined by a lost fighter, Grug, who had seen his companions seperated and killed by the Black Earth Cultists. 

Pushing forward the adventurers retraced their steps through the Gatewarden's Quarters, past a crude statue of Ogremoch, before finding another barracks room occupied by several cultists, knights and a priest. The fight was long and almost went badly, with the knights flanking the group putting pressure on the magic users. It was only the well timed arrival of Saggy that turned the tide against the cultists.

Sighting an ornate door they could not resist the adventurers found an ancient magic circle. Even combining knowledge and experience none could decipher the strange runes that appeared to control the circle. Before they could leave the circle activated, opening a portal which deposited a very confused ranger into the Temple. Thalar, although disorientated, offered to join the adventurers as he saw this as his only way home.

Deciding to skip exploring large sections of the Temple, they made their way north to a large, natural chamber. Strangely the chamber contained a dozen stone statues, chillingly lifelike in their depictions of terror and pain. Grug was brave enough to step forward to investigate, and fell victim to the gaze of Marlos. Turned to stone he could only watch as the other adventurers rushed in to confront the Medusa. Marlos fought to defend his Temple, but his over-confidence was his downfall. Sandrina cleverly used Mage Hand to float a small mirror in front of Marlos, and finally he succumbed to his own curse turning to stone and then to mud.

Spent after two draining fights, the adventurers settled down again to rest.


balsarath balsarath

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