Interlude the Second

From "The Rise and Fall of Jhaamdath"

By -276DR the former Psiocracy of Jhaamdath had fallen beyond all hope. A coup d'etat had displaced the psychics that had ruled for millennia and saw them replaced with a brutal military empire. For decades the new Jhaamdathian Empire projected its power across the Sea of Fallen Stars, conquering and slaughtering all before them.

The Elves of Nikerymath were the only ones to hold their own, but still struggled to prevent the wholesale destruction of their forest homes. In desperation they turned to ancient Elven High Magic, and called forth a tidal wave to sink the entire area around Jhaamdath Bay. Overnight the empire was shattered, her armies ceased and her power extinguished.

All was not well in the former empire. Agents of evil, Demons and their ilk, moved into the remaining Jhaamdathian cities. Seeing what his former followers had been reduced to Tyr took pity on them. He called upon his greatest mortal servants to bolster the ranks of his celestial army and marched on the former lands of Jhaamdath. The Procession of Justice took place in -247DR and saw the complete cleansing of Jhaamdath which paved the way for the founding of Chondath a few centuries later.

Following the procession Tyr is said to have elevated his surviving mortal warriors to angelhood, before sending them into the world to find and re-consecrate the temples lost during the years of the Jhaamdath Empire. 


balsarath balsarath

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