Journey to the Center of the Earth (Cult)

20th Day of Marpenoth

Leaving Jurth behind the three adventurers continue into the mines, but are soon forced to turn back at the sound of arguing and more broken Brandy bottles from the guard room. Argus and Anabelle have returned and caught up, but are having trouble convincing the orcs they are allowed to be there. As Anabelle and Argus try to talk their way in the cogs in Jurth's small mind finally click into place, and he orders the attack. Even with the Ogre, Drool, the adventurers are quickly able to defeat the mine guards and continue into the mines beneath the Monastery.

Moving on they briefly explored the rough mine shafts, before finding a tomb containing several zombies. Apart from the zombies there was an empty sarcophagus that was meant for Sarus Caradon – Defender of the North. There was little else in the mines, the adventurers found the small prison where the cultists held their slaves. Unfortunately the prisoners had all been executed, seemingly this was easier than moving them or allowing them to be freed. At the opposite end of the mines, past the pen that once held the Umberhulk, they found a long stair, descending into the darkness and the Temple proper.

Completing the decent was uneventful, arriving at a chasm crossed by an impossibly thin stone bridge. Foolishly the party crossed with the rogue at the rear, and so didn't see the gargoyles laying in wait in the stalactites above. Diving swiftly onto the adventurers they struck Argos and Anabelle in an attempt to push them into the chasm. Argos was knocked off but able to catch the edge of the bridge, Anabelle was not so lucky. She first tried to grab the bridge, but failing that fell back on her acrobatic skills to try to grab the chasm wall. Sadly she was unable to find purchase on the rocks, and tumbled down the wall to finish in a broken heap some one hundred feet below.

Undeterred the party pushed on into the temple, quickly recognising it as an ancient dwarven stronghold long since fallen into ruin. Rushing headlong into the first chamber revealed an ambush set by the cult; Nartham, a burrowshark, and his squad of hobgoblin guards. The fight was long and tough, with enough noise to alert the remaining Duergar guards in a nearby guard room. With nearly everyone exhausted they finally defeated the last Duergar and stood victorious in the temple entrance. Taking stock of the situation they decided to retreat back to the monastery to regroup and rest. Only a single room in and the Temple of Black Earth had almost defeated them.


balsarath balsarath

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