Journey to the Center of the Earth (Cult) - Redux

20th Day of Marpenoth

The luxurious guest quarters in the Monastery provided the perfect place to rest and attempt to recover. Conveniently located next to the front door, Sandrina was able to hear someone knocking looking for a way in. Brastan had sent another fighter to assist the group, and so did Corbilette join the party as they delved back into the temple.

Although reduced the defenses of the temple were prepared and expecting intruders. Entering for a second time the party found the main entrance blocked by a portcullis, with the controls well behind in the entrance hall. Fending off archers Sandrina used her Mage Hand to slowly move the portcullis lever, and one by one the bars began to raise. Finally inside they made short work of the few monks left to defend the entrance.

Moving quickly they entered another chamber, this one occupied by a Burrowshark, another guard and several monks. This fight was much tougher than the last, Dynath led his troops admirably attempting a flanking action and copious use of magic. It was for naught, as blade and fire reduced the Black Earth Warriors to ash. Briefly exploring led to a strange room filled with ancient dwarven statues, and a Genasi Mud Sorcerer called Miraj. Miraj did attempt to talk to the adventurers, to explain what the purpose of the Cult was, but they were only interested in blood and fighting. Using one of the reanimated dwarven Golems Miraj was able to hold her own, but it wasn't enough. 

In an act of overconfidence, Sandrina found a sleeping Bullette in the next room, and thought she could finish it off quickly. Unfortunately she was mistaken. Although in desperate need of recovery the party had to quickly fight a now upset Bullette before they could rest. Returning to Miraj's chamber the party settled down for a well earned rest.


balsarath balsarath

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